Parents need to be held accountable for racism

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004

I believe the people of the state of Alaska need to be held accountable for their own actions as well as their children. This goes towards the raising of a child. When children grow up, they learn the various things that their parents have taught them at home.

Let's say that the parents are full of hatred; the child learns that hatred. This child brings this same hatred to the school. Then he inflicts it upon the other ethnic group of children, such as the Alaska Natives or any other minority. Something needs to be done with this kind of behavior.

There has to be something done to this child as well as the parent so that the racial barrier will be broken. I also agree with some other things that have been brought up in letters to the editor, such as the March 7 letter "Recommendation on how to model racial tolerance" - which would be a good tool for those who have trouble in their homes. I don't think that talking to just the child would solve that problem; the parents of that child also need to be brought in on the problem.

Then again, I would like to see the ANB/ANS going to the Alaska State Legislature to make a new law in regards to the racism as a hate crime. This law would be tailored to include the parents of the children who have brought this hatred into the schools. The law would declare that the parents should be held accountable for their child, they should have to pay the penalty of doing some prison time for their child. The law should also be revised so that the children's names can be added to the newspapers along with their parents', to show that they were charged with a hate crime against other races. I agree with part of the Empire article on Feb. 29, "District looks to solve school racism: ANB, ANS press for quick action in wake of recent anti-Native incidents."

There shouldn't be any hatred in the school's system; children shouldn't have to deal with these kinds of problems at such a young age. Make a new law so that the parents of racist children are held accountable for that child's racism.

Eugene J. Bourdon


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