Same-sex marriage is a moral issue

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004

Have you seen the bumper sticker that says "No God, no peace. Know God, know peace?" It came to mind after reading the letter titled "Gay marriage is not a moral issue."

The funny thing is, the Massachusetts Supreme Court made it a moral issue when they said that equal rights was not enough, that you have to understand homosexual and heterosexual marriage to be the same thing. The San Francisco Mayor made it a moral issue when he said the law is wrong; he will do what he thinks is right. Mr. Baxter's letter a few weeks back commended those who stood up against the law for what they believe is right.That is morality.

Gay marriage supporters argue that gay marriage is not a moral issue.Their cry was "civil rights." But now that their civil rights are recognized, they realize that people are still not accepting their lifestyle; we are just recognizing and respecting their rights. Civil rights did not satisfy them. They now want us to believe they are right. That is a moral issue. You will hear "that is not a moral issue" or "God did not really say that." That is what people say when they are pushing their own moral agenda. In fact, that was Satan's lie that led to the fall of the world. No matter how you rationalize it, you cannot argue and live against God without a lot of inconsistency and dissatisfaction.

Honestly, gay marriage has no impact on my marriage that matters to me that I can think of.But that is a selfish consideration. The real issue is what it means to God. We have already thumbed our noses at God on divorce, abortion, homosexuality and sex in general. Where has that taken this country? We have the most powerful military, overflowing wealth, and the greatest minds in the world, yet we are more vulnerable than ever to an enemy we can hardly even identify or prove exists. Terrorists are not even really making demands of us; they just want us to suffer. No connection to our morality? Why do terrorists attack us? Who can protect us?

Nowhere in the Bible or anywhere else have I found any assurance that the U.S. will never fall. What I did find is where the Bible says "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." We need to turn back to God.

Kurt Cox


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