Abuse survivors deserved attention

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 21, 2005

In regards to the March 10, My Turn: "Sexual abuse survivors stigmatized by diagnoses" by Juanita J. Reese, I applaud you for printing this article. Publishers have been quick to print stories about war vets as of late and post-traumatic stress survivors. I suppose it sells lots of papers. What most periodicals have missed is the simple fact that war veterans (bless them) are a drop in the bucket, statistically speaking, in relation to survivors of childhood sexual abuse with post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. I was very surprised to see this article, because since the war in the Middle East started, abuse survivors have basically been ignored. Thank you for remembering.

Just one little comment about the article. It has been a struggle for men to find resources if they were survivors of childhood sexual abuse. With many survivors, that abuse continues into adult life. When it's time to take back your life, there is no where to go to escape the abuse if you are male. Statistics are skewed about the number of men who are survivors because traditionally speaking, they don't step forward because of sociological factors. There are a lot of myths about abused males. Give everyone the resources so they can step forward and get the help they need. Transition houses for battered men would be a good start.

Gary Veraldi

North Bay, Ontario

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