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Posted: Monday, March 21, 2005

The Department of Transportation is not only not listening to the many folks in Juneau, Skagway and Haines who are telling them we want more, and more reliable ferry service. They are fudging and slanting their EIS.

Do any of you really believe that they can build the Juneau Access Road for the millions they have estimated? Do you think they can provide winter maintenance even as much as they estimate? With the winter driving conditions we've had this year, would you want to take a chance on driving nearly 100 miles to get to Juneau? Will they not have to have at least two maintenance camps along this road to even begin to keep up with it?

The steep access road they propose up the side hill at Skagway will be a nightmare, and the ramp they propose over the WP&YR tracks and half of 23rd Street will impact private property and snarl traffic beyond belief. They gave us a brief preview of this last year, but not a mention or diagram at their recent hearing.

They are not considering how many passengers the ferry system gets who travel as walk-ons and do not want to take a car or drive to Juneau anyway. This is part of a nationwide trend to promote sprawl, increase the use of fossil fuels, and lessen the use of public transportation. I truly think that Alternative 4C is the best of the proposals they are offering us.

Barbara D. Kalen


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