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Posted: Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For thousands of years, Alaska's Bristol Bay fishery has not only helped sustain hundreds of Alaska Native generations, but has contributed billions of dollars to our state and national economy. Thousands of fishermen like my father continue to fish there every summer, but now this fishery is in more danger than it has ever been.

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From the Pebble Mine to offshore oil drilling, there has never been a greater threat to the environment that Bristol Bay's salmon depends on.

These projects may have devastating environmental consequences as any mining or drilling does, seen (earlier this month) with one of the largest oil spills on the North Slope. And Canadian mining companies have a notorious reputation of disastrous environmental accidents.

As America's trade deficit continues to grow, I'm glad that Sens. Stevens and Murkowski see the threat that the Pebble Mine and offshore drilling pose to our valuable world-class fisheries. Let's commend them and other Alaska leaders who fight outsiders that threaten not only our vast salmon resource, but our lifestyle. Please call your state legislators and urge them to pass a resolution that condemns Pebble Mine and offshore drilling in Bristol Bay. Future generations throughout Alaska and the nation will thank them when prices and demand go up for our wild Alaska salmon.

Verner Wilson


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