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Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2000

...for walk event support

The 1999 Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest was a success. The walk contest had a total of 486 registered Eagle and Raven walkers who walked a grand total of 21,682 miles.

The grand prize winner was George F. Williams, a Raven of the Kiks'Adi clan; he walked a total of 739 miles! A phenomenal accomplishment! This year's Eagle vs. Raven participants have their work cut out for them.

The main focus of the Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest is to promote inexpensive physical activity for a healthier community. The contest will begin on April 1 and end June 30.

You can help promote the Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest by making cash contributions or donating products or services that can be used as prizes. Your cash donations will be applied to educating the Alaska Native community about the benefits of walking and exercise, advertising, prizes, mailing out the calendars to the walkers and informing the public of the walk contest.

If you would like to contribute a product or service that can be used as a prize, please indicate what product and/or service you will be donating on the form provided. Last year, there were a variety of prizes appropriate for the categories: Elders, Adults, Students, Children and Diabetics. (See winner's list). These prizes helped promote the contest and helped motivate walkers.

Bunny Mercer was the Diabetic 1st place winner. Bunny joined the Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest because she has diabetes; she needed to get active (doctor's advise). When Bunny started, she could not get up the stairs of her apartment without help. She is now able to climb the stairs and this year her aim is to be able to walk down the stairs by herself. The Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest helped her gain physical strength and motivated her to eat healthier.

With your support, the Eagles vs. Ravens Walk Contest will continue to be an annual healthy event for our community. As an added bonus for all sponsors, your organization or company's names will be published in all the advertisements, radio announcements and posters. This will inform people of the Juneau community that you have contributed to this popular event.

I would like to thank all the co-sponsors who made the 1999 Eagle vs. Raven Walk Contest possible. If you have questions feel free to call me at 463-5850.

Andrea M. Ebona-MichelHealth Promotions Educator

...for Bible college support

Southeast Alaska's White Horse Christian Training Center would like to extend a heartfelt ``thank you'' to the community for their support of this new Bible college. The college will open its doors in Juneau on March 20 thanks to the encouragement and help of many gracious individuals. We are pleased to offer accredited degree programs to students throughout Southeast Alaska.

We look forward to educating a new generation. Thank you Juneau!

Dr. Carole Rotola

...for helping disabled

Transitions House is a family-led, nonprofit working together to help our young adults with developmental disabilities make a successful transition from high school to adulthood. We are writing to express our sincerest appreciation to you, the school board members and special services for your support of the transition program for these students.

As you know, it is very important for students who experience a disability to continue their education after high school in a community-based location where they increase their independent living skills. With support from the school district, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and families, the transition program has flourished since the beginning of the 1999-2000 school year.

The students are working with the Alaska Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and/or Juneau Works exploring and experiencing different types of employment. They are learning problem solving, time management, healthy life style choices, community awareness and transportation options. Additionally, Outdoor Recreation and Community Access (ORCA), a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring recreational opportunities for the disabled, is helping the students discover how to best make use of their leisure time. A group of students meets twice monthly with the ORCA staff to plan and participate in community events.

Menu planning, grocery shopping, healthy and safe meal preparation and cleanup are areas where these students require a lot of practice. Lynn Marvel and her staff are doing a superb job and have been very creative in facilitating these activities even though the current leased space at the Mendenhall Mall does not have a kitchen. However, research clearly shows that students with cognitive disabilities do not readily translate skills learned in one environment to another. The most effective learning is in context rather than in a simulated environment. Therefore, Transitions House believes the transition program needs a permanent home where independent living skills can be learned in context. We are working fervently to get a house built to serve as the transition program home by the start of the 2000-2001 school year.

The City and Borough of Juneau generously donated a lot in the S'it'tuwan Subdivision to Transitions House for the home. We have, and are continuing to apply for grants. We are also and asking for in-kind donations from the community. We are working hard to support the school district in making the transition program as successful as it can possibly be.

Again, we are very excited with the progress of this new program and thank you for your ongoing support.

Jackie, Timothy and Sue BehnertTransitions House

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