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Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Someone is sadly mistaken about the construction of the new high school and the availability of space in art classes. Having two high schools does not guarantee art classes at both schools nor language classes. If you're interested in these classes, ask questions and be informed.

Regarding the paint ball complaints, every time our kids try to find something to do in this town - somebody is always knocking them down. Paint-ballers have a right to play as long as they keep things safe. I have yet to hear about anyone getting hurt when there is a paint-ball war going on.

If people give us a place to play paint ball, we will gladly go there.

The Gold Medal season passes are not too high. Where else can you see a ball game for less than $1 a game. It figures out to just under 91 cents per game.

Yes, the Legislature can cut its way out of the budget problem. Watch the movie ``Dave'' and start cutting. Also, cut $10,000 off of each commissioner's paycheck.

I'm really tired of Hoonah Totem's manipulation. The shares are so small compared to the millions that the company is worth.

I'm curious to know what people think about AEL&P's ``demand rate?''

Regarding the article about men and women's brains navigating differently - men spend a lot of time at the computer playing those maze games while women spend their time taking care of the kids, doing laundry and stuff like that. I think the reason men outscore the women in that area is that they spend more time on the computer playing those games.

The first year of "Gavel to Gavel'' went really well. From there, it went downhill.

The governor made a good decision about the fast ferries. The road would have been hugely expensive, might have never got built and would have been closed most of the time in the winter. We should stand behind the governor on this very important decision for Juneau.

Why can't Juneau support a full-time dermatologist with hospital privileges and who is responsible to the hospital board? We are being cheated by not having simple dermatology procedures available here.

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