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Posted: Friday, March 22, 2002

... for all the help.

The Third Annual Teen Health Fair took place in the Juneau-Douglas High School Commons on March 7. It was sponsored by Catholic Community Services, Healthy Families Juneau and the Teen Family Center. Generosity, collaboration, energy and time were demonstrated, making the Fair a great success. There are many people we must thank. There were numerous presenters from local agencies who graciously lent their expertise and volunteered their time.

Thanks to Edy Rodenwald, Heidi Adams, Brenna Musser, Genevieve Casey-Smith, Claire Fordyce, Liz O Milner, Jay Dick, Penny Schrader from Healthy Families Juneau, Karin Siebenmorgan, Corrine O'Neill from AWARE, Joni Leet, John Stenson from SEARCH, Corey Pavitt from Pavitt Chiropractic and Fitness, Laury Scandling, Nancy Seamount, Diane Chapman, Sarah Moore, Kari Monagle and Mary Tonsmiere from JDHS, Eileen Wilson from SHANTI, Larry Musarra from American Red Cross, Sarah Chandler and Danielle Marco from NCADD, Ellen Moore from Juneau Public Health Center, Kristi West, Crandall Mark and Rand Bigelow from Zach Gordon Youth Center.

We would also like to thank the community volunteers that gave their time, especially Christina Riedemer, Alice Walters, Lillian Lim, Kristina Sewell, Anthony Vallejo, Christina Johnson, Trina Lokke, Stephany Lokke, Tony Pearce, Lavina VanSickle, Becca Dombrowski and the janitorial staff at JDHS.

Our appreciation goes out to the following contributors and businesses: Peter Easaw DBA Primerica Financial Services, Phyllis Woodman, Sherry Patterson, Anita Oja, Hearthside Books and Toys, Capitol Records, Wells Fargo, Rainbow Foods, Suzanne David, Northern Sales, the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, Afterthoughts, Zales, The Broiler, Shear Design, Title Insurance Company and the staff of Healthy Families Juneau.

A very special thanks to Valerie O'Hare from Alaska State Health Fair. And thanks to all the students from JDHS that volunteered. See you all next year!

Bridget Easaw, Teen Family Center Coordinator

Christina Armelin, Jesuit Volunteer

Teen Family Center

...for all the help

A need for extra manpower presented itself and I approached Michael Early, community service officer with Gastineau Human Services Corporation. Not only was Mr. Early glad to offer his team of available help but accomodated my target date. I expected two to three people at most and was blessed with seven! Everybody was so helpful, considerate and hard working that the entire project was completed in record time and very cheerfully and well done. Perhaps the best part was the absence of a huge invoice to deal with after the fact. It was a joy to participate in this excellent and well administered community service program. Definitely a 'win-win'. I want to thank Mr. Early and the men for bailing me out of a difficult situation. GHS can be proud of Mr. Earlys' skill in coordinating and supervising his crew while interfacing with community need. Kudos!

Sharon Martin

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