Criminal activity observed

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2002

This is a burglar alert for my Lemon Creek neighbors.

Yesterday at 10 a.m., my dog alerted me that someone was approaching my house. I was expecting a tradesman, so I looked through my window for a vehicle. There was no vehicle, and I could see no one. However, my dog was still acting funny, and I could hear voices, so I walked to front door to see what was going on. As I walked into the hallway, I could see an individual leaning against the window in my door with his hands up around his eyes, as though peering into the house. Behind him, I could see another individual doing the same into our detached garage.

The first individual saw me, said "There's someone home!" and they both sprinted away. I moved to the front window, and observed their clothing and their statures as they took their departure.

I contacted the police, who located the individuals, and brought them to my house for identification. I identified the individuals by their clothing and their statures, and the police took them away.

My belief is that these individuals would have broken into my house and stolen some of my property if I had not been home. My further belief is that I was not the only house on their agenda yesterday.

Neighbors, check your valuables, especially if you normally leave your doors unlocked. If something is missing, contact the police.

Lock your doors - even when you are home.

Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, and contact the authorities when necessary.

To the young men who were peering into my house: What you did was wrong. You know it was wrong, and so do I.

I don't have any idea why you would contemplate criminal activity. But I do know that theft, even petty theft, will not take your life in a positive direction. You have the ability to mold your life in any direction you choose. Choose an affirmative direction! If you don't know what I mean, find an adult who will help you discover what I mean. The payoff is greater than you can imagine.

To the parents or guardians of these young men (and all our youth): Show your love by finding out what your children are doing. Give them positive role models. Make them responsible for their actions.

Sheri Croll


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