Lovely downtown irony: Lefties oppose buses

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2002

Oh, how I envy Don Smith! Someone who can generate more controversy than I - at last. As a citizen of the formative Independent Republic of Mendenhall, I can't say that I really give a rat's butt about what happens down in the People's Republic of Juneau. It's been years since the last time I was south of The Hangar or bought anything other than food and drinks in downtown Juneau. The happenings in the great socialist workers' paradise interest me only for their entertainment value and occasionally when they try to get me to pay for one of their risky schemes.

I find it interesting that a sizable percentage of the CAVE people seem to think that a privately owned newspaper is some sort of public utility that must reflect a broad spectrum of public opinion - I think that's what they said socialist, excuse me, public, radio was going to do. When I read the NY Times or the Washington Post, I often wish that broad-spectrum thing were true, but it is not. The plain fact is the lefties really believe that their opinion is the only good, true, and right opinion, and any opinion other than that shared over cheap white wine at the Fiddlehead is a "diatribe."

It is also most interesting that these anti-development and environmental extremists go to such lengths to describe themselves as moderates. These people are moderates only if one describes those to the right of Vladimir Lenin as conservatives.

I like the idea of a parking lot for buses at the site of the place formerly known as Marine Park. After all, it is next to the parking lot that the city built on one of the most valuable properties in Alaska. At least the parking lot for buses will bring in a little revenue. What a lovely irony; lefties opposing buses. I thought buses and all other forms of forced association were something akin to the Holy Grail for the Left. What a twist, the parking garage that might accommodate SUVs is OK, and a parking lot that accommodates mass transportation vehicles is a capitalist plot.

What a town!

Art Chance


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