Selfish, egomaniacal, arrogant and haughty

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2002

Having been the victim of CAVE's (citizens against virtually everything) diatribe many times in the past, I admire the publisher of the Juneau Empire for having the courage to subject himself to the same drivel from the same group that has organized to become a cancer on the economic soul of our great community. These people, purporting to speak for the entire community, are among the most selfish, egomaniacal, arrogant and haughty souls I have ever seen. And like a cancer, they are spreading devastation to a degree that their host community may very well not survive.

These CAVEs must have quite a protected source of income. I suspect that few of them have ever owned a cash register, or have tried to make a living off of sources other than the government, a government which by the way has to come back to us again and asked for more money because they don't have enough to support themselves in the style to which they have become accustomed.

I just returned from a two-week journey throughout the major communities of Southeast to learn about attitudes from their citizens on critical economic issues facing us. What I learned was unfortunate. Many feel justified in no longer supporting Juneau in critical political issues because the powerful CAVES in Juneau have not only failed to support them, but through their arrogance, have simply ignored their pleas for help.

Because of this handful of sociopathic misfits that keep writing these bizarre letters to the editor in the your newspaper, Juneau has gained a reputation around Southeast as a community that represents the very worst of ideals when it comes to community pride and constructive growth. We have become the laughing stock of the region. Many times I was asked how I could stand to live in such a town with these kinds of whiners who are against damn near everything. I didn't have an answer.

Because of a handful, we lost an opportunity to have a centrally located parking garage with offices built above. We have the SEALASKA Plaza in that spot now. Because of a handful, we lost the opportunity to expand the downtown area by almost 25 acres from the Douglas bridge to the subport area. Because of this handful, we lost the chance to reopen the AJ mine. This is the same group that says the use of Gastineau Channel as a seaplane base is atavistic and therefore should not be allowed. At every turn, when our elected leaders have tried to generate positive growth for us, they are there. Now they are attacking the addition of a wonderful golf course.

Who are these people? Why are they doing this to us? If we don't find out soon, it will be too late. A community has to grow or it dies. That is a fact.

Dave Fremming


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