Benefits come with easier bus access to dock area

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2002

I would like to comment on the Steamship Wharf/Marine Park Project. Two weeks ago, I attended a meeting where there was a presentation of the plans for this project. I was very impressed by all the hard work and effort the folks who work for our city had put into this project. They were trying to present something that would benefit the whole community, not just the downtown or tourist sector.

People of Juneau really need to check out what has been proposed before they jump to any conclusions. Marine Park is going to become a better, more usable area for the whole town. I heard them suggest more festivals and concerts, using the parking area as a possible ice rink in the winter, more tables and benches so people can enjoy their lunches on sunny days and more activities to bring people back downtown. How can all of that be a bad thing for Juneau?

It seems to me that there are people in this community that will do everything in their power to oppose any progress or development, even if the outcome would make Juneau a better town to most of the people who live here.

We already have cruise ships using the Alaska Steamship dock in the summer. This improvement will make it easier for the buses to pick up the passengers and to lessen the congestion in front of Marine Park, making driving through that area much nicer. There is also a suggestion to put a bigger visitor information area and public restrooms there. It's a shame that some people are against anything that will make things nicer for our summer visitors. I guess these same people don't appreciate all the revenue and jobs that this industry brings to our town.

Mr. Don Smith is certainly right by saying that this project is a win-win for our community. Let's not let a few negative opinions ruin it for the rest of us!

Debbie Bergmann


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