Amendment is about money, not marriage

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Instead of debating a marriage amendment, let's change the state law and allow domestic partners to get benefits regardless of whether they are married or not. Take the marriage element out of it and keep it's sanctity.

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Let's face it, in most cases marriage is not what it is all about anyway. Let's not be phony about it. The bottom line is about money. It's not about marriage. It's about the legal benefits that go with marriage and the money the state or any other entity has to put out for those benefits.

Let's maintain the sanctity of a marriage between one man and one woman, and let's maintain separation of church and state (if there is such a thing), and just give domestic partners their benefits. I think then we'll see just how sacred "marriage" really is.

Terry Ullmayer


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