Regional Science Fair announces results

Approximately 52 community donors give 108 awards to 66 student competitors

Posted: Sunday, March 22, 2009

The organizers of the 2009 Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair, held March 13 and 14 in the Marie Drake gymnasium, would like to thank the following for their commitment and support in this year's fair: 100 mentors and mentoring institutions and companies, 110 official fair judges who donated their time and energy, 55 organizing committee members for many volunteer hours, 50-plus special award judges and 20 award presenters, numerous other parent and student volunteers, all 126 participating students for their hard work and efforts, and the parents of the students for their patience and support.

Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire
Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire

A special thank-you goes to Juneau-Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School teachers Jon Smith, Ben Carney, Topaz Shryock, Jake Jacoby and Henry Hopkins; and Mount Edgecumbe teacher Chohla Moll.

"This fair would not be what it is without your continual efforts and unending encouragement," said fair organizer Lawrence Schaufler. "Thank you all for making this year's fair the best yet."


This year there were a total of 108 awards given from 52 different donors to 66 student competitors.

Total monetary awards for the fair this year totalled $5,775, not including prizes such as Mount Roberts Tramway and Audubon Cruise tickets and passes, Alaska Zipline passes, four $500 University of Alaska Southeast scholarships, a six-month fitness club membership, three digital cameras, desktop weather stations, NOAA weather radios, an iPod Nano, memory sticks, T-shirts, bags, hats, towels, stethoscopes, water bottles, binoculars, medallions and engraved prize plaques.



Goldbelt People's Choice Award

Rabine Maskay andAlexandria Yancey

Annual Mount Roberts Tramway passes

Coeur Alaska Third Year Award

Madison Nolan, Linsey Tomaro, Nick Parker, Hannah Wilson, Robin Woodby, and Pauline Zheng

$100 each

Alaska Science Consortium

Christopher Liu, Madison Nolan and Hannah Wilson, Kathleen Strehler, La Tia Jackson, and Stephanie Thompson

$100 each

Alaska Science Teacher's Association

Nick Parker and Robin Woodby, and Pauline Zheng

Two prize packages

American Chemical Society

Sarah Donohoe and Maria Weyhrauch, and Linsey Tomaro

$60, $40 and a book

Audubon Society

Abraham Palacios and Willaby Shuster, Peter Bellagh, and Vera Hermano

$100 and two tickets

DIPAC Fisheries Science Award

Linsey Tomaro


Discovery Southeast "Naturalist Award"

Vera Hermano

Prize package

El Sombrero "Bread Box" Award

Deborah Cordero

$25 gift certificate

Fabrications/Caliper Award

Matt Vandor, Auri Clark

$100 and two Calipers

Fred Eastaugh Award - Alaska Miner's Association

Ashli Kikendall, Zachary Bicknell, and Randon Calderwood

$100 each

Glacier Gardens Alaska Plant Award

Alan Young

Two tour passes and prize

Greens Creek Mining Co.

Pauline Zheng, Tom Parker, and Hannah Everett

$100 each

Iris Award

Elizabeth Hawkins

Iris bouquet

Juneau Amateur Radio Club

Joshua Brewster


JEDC/Springboard Innovation

Rabina Maskay and Alexandria Yancey, and Kelsey Kauffman

Two $100

JEDC/Springboard Market Potential

Sierra Tagaban and Haila Schultz

$100 each

Juneau Medical Society/Bartlett Hospital

Claressa Ullmayer, Krista Thomson, Maya Rieselbach and Katyana Erasmo

$50 each and stethoscopes

Juneau Ski Patrol

Matt Vandor


Juneau Watershed Partnership

Deborah Kasberg and Tatsu Monkman

$50 each

K3 Technology Award

Joshua Brewster

Prize package

Landscape Alaska- Native Botany Award

Claire Swanson and Angela Wright

Two $25 gift certificates

Merit Award for Exceptional Science

Matthew Staley, Jacob Sanders, Salona Ashe, Lana Swanson and Asia Moreno-Goodwin

Two Mount RobertsTramway passes

Mount Juneau/GastineauxMasonic Lodge

Zachary Bicknell, Asia Ver and Taylor Vidic

$75, $50 and plaque

National Weather Service

Denali Murray-Shapland, Kiera Clark and Kaila Buerger(honorable mention)

Two plaques and prizes

NOAA Marine Science Awards

Colin Zheng and Alan Young

Two prize packages and plaque

Pavitt Health and Fitness Award

Jesse Miller

Six-month membership

P.E.O. Chapter D Award

Whitney Walker


Rainbow Food Science Award

Deborah Cordero


Southeast Alaska MasterGardener's Association

Abraham Palacios and Willaby Shuster, Claire Swanson, Jack Clark and Sorcha Hazelton

$150, $75, $50 and $25

Territorial Sportsmen Award

Eric Bookless and Pauline Zheng

$50 each and plaque

University of Alaska Southeast

Deborah Cordero, Colin Zheng, Tom Parker and David Francis

$500 scholarships each

U.S. Forest ServiceNatural Resources

Tom Parker and Angela Wright

Two prize packages



(national level)

American Meteorological Society

Sidney Browning and Denali Murray-Shapland

Two certificates

American Psychological Association

Maya Rieselbach


ASM Materials Education Foundation

Phillip White

Certificate and medallion

Association of Women Geoscientists

Sarah Donohoe and Maria Weyhrauch


Intel Excellence In Computer Science

Fiona Brown

Certificate and $200


Whitney Walker, La Tia Jackson, Christopher Liu and Colin Zheng

Four certificates and entries

Mu Alpha Theta Award

Maya Rieselbach


National Society of Professional Engineers - InnovativeEngineering Award

Colter Hanna

Certificate and pin

NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award

Sarah Donohoe and Maria Weyhrauch

Certificate and medallion

Ricoh Sustainable Development

Daffodil Alinson and Aubrey Briscoe

Certificate and subscription

Society for In Vitro Biology

Pauline Zheng


U.S. Air Force Achievement Award

Kathleen Strehler, Johnny Joyce, Jesse Miller and Colter Hanna

Four prize packages

U.S. Army Scientific Excellence

Nick Parker and Robin Woodby, Phillip White, Vera Hermano, Fiona Brown and Johnny Joyce

Five certificates and medallion

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - U.S. Public Health Award

Krista Thomson

U.S. Surgeon General Certificate

U.S. Metric Association

Nick Parker and Robin Woodby


U.S. Navy/Marine Corps ONR Naval Science Awards

Whitney Walker, La Tia Jackson and Stephanie Thompson

Three prize packages

Water Environment Federation Stockholm Jr. Water Prize

Colton Welch, Madison Nolan and Hannah Wilson, andDeborah Kasberg

Three certificates and entries

Yale Science and EngineeringAssociation

Linsey Tomaro




Each finalist received an award ribbon, prize and a zip-line pass, courtesy of Alaska Zipline Adventures.

Christopher Liu - "Mycorrhizal Basidomycetes of Selected Plantanthera Species"

Madison Nolan and Hannah Wilson - "The Effect of Estrogen on the Mass, Length, and Sex of Sand Shrimp (Crangon alaskensis and C. fransiscorum)"

Tom Parker - "How Diet Type Effects Food to Mass Conversion Efficiency in Juvenile Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)"

Stephanie Thompson - "A Molecular Phylogenetic Study of Archaea from a Muskeg of Southeast Alaska"

Linsey Tomaro - "The Effects of Feeding and Temperature on the RNA/DNA Ratio of Juvenile Fasting Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)"

Nick Parker and Robin Woodby - "Variation in Nucleic Acid and Lipid Content of Juvenile Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) Over Winter Months"

Colin Zheng - "The Effects of Seawater pH On Kelp (Saccharina latissima) Spore Germination"

Pauline Zheng - "Contribution of Recent Mating to Sperm Reserves in the Tanner Crab (Chionoecetes bairdi)"

Advancing to the Intel International Fair this year will be Thompson, Colin Zheng, Nick Parker and Woodby, Liu and Tom Parker.

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