Lydia Mary (James) George

Posted: Sunday, March 22, 2009

Longtime Angoon resident Lydia Mary (James) George died March 19, 2009, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. She was 86.

Born Dec. 22, 1922, in Killisnoo, she lived in Juneau since January 2008 but resided for 85 years in Angoon.

Her parents were Peter James of the Killerwhale Clan and Florence (Paul) James of the Raven-Beaver Clan. She is the child of the Killerwhale Clan grandchild of the Teiqwaadei (Brown Bear), the Woochkeetan (Eagle Shark Clan), the Dukdeintan (the Sea Gull Clan), and the Taakwaanneidi (Wood Worm Clan).

She married Jimmie A. George Sr. in Juneau at the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.

Jimmie George Sr. was the clan leader of the Killer Whale clan and caretaker of the Killerwhale Tooth House of Angoon. She held the position of Matriarch (Naa Klaa) of the Deisheetan (End of the Trail) clan of Angoon and belonged to the End of the Trail House (Deishu Hit).

According to her family, she held many public servant positions throughout her 86 years. She was a member of the St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church, an Angoon City councilman, Tlingit & Haida Tribal judge, Angoon Delegate to Tlingit & Haida General Assembly, Angoon Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 7 president, Admiralty Island National Monument program coordinator, First Angoon Youth Corp project supervisor, and a teacher and cultural Icon of the Tlingit culture.

She was preceded in death in 1991 by her husband, Jimmie A. George Sr.

She is survived by her children, Ellen George, Gabriel George, Bernice Hansen, Lucinda June George, Dean George, Jimmy George Jr., Gina Eng, Garfield George and Joe Zuboff; grandmother, Emma Demmert; brother, Cyril George; and numerous grandchildren and grandchildren, including the families of Angoon, the Pauls, the Duncans, the Johnsons, the Kookeshs, the Demmerts, the Turnmires, the Josephs, the Williams, the Jacks, the Washingtons and the Wrights, of Sitka and Juneau.

Honorary pallbearers are Tom Sabo, Gary Hansen Sr., Clarence Jackson, David Katzeek, Ben Dedrickson, John Howard Sr., Frank Jack Sr., KJ Metcalf, Joe Murray, Carlton Smith, Al McKinley and Gerald "Sandy" Roberts.

Pallbearers are Felti Meka, Albert Kookesh, Sasha Hobson-George, Scott Aubertine and Mitch Cook.

Memorial and funeral services will be held March 27 and 28 in Angoon.

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