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April 7 deadline for new applicants

Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

City Assembly member Jonathan Anderson had a surprise in his end-of-meeting report on Monday — he’s leaving.

Anderson hasn’t submitted his official letter of resignation yet, however he has accepted a position as the chairman of the public administration department at the California State University San Bernardino on July 1. His resignation will be effective after the May 23 meeting.

“I will continue to take my responsibilities very seriously til that day,” he said. “Serving on the Assembly has been the high point of my life in Juneau. I will deeply miss participating in the ongoing life of this great community.”

Anderson is currently professor of public administration at the University of Alaska Southeast and had directed the program until the last couple of years.

Anderson has been in Juneau the past 13 years and served on the Assembly for the past six. His term expires in October, and he had planned on running again until the career move.

The biggest thing about the change for him will be the contrasts — from cold and wet to hot and dry, from short drives to long, small city to large.

Words of advice to whomever fills his spot:
“It’s something that is certainly a lot of work but it’s just fascinating work,” he said. “For someone who’s interested in understanding how the community works and why it works that way… nothing is ever simple.”

Assemblyman Bob Doll said he was devastated by Anderson’s decision, but wished him the best.

Mayor Bruce Botelho said he was notified prior to the meeting.

“It will be a great loss,” he said. “In keeping with Mark Twain’s admission about early demise, we’ll take great advantage of you over the course of the next couple of months.”

Botelho prepared a memorandum for filling the vacancy, which will solicit applications from citizens to fill the remainder of Anderson’s term. The deadline for applications is April 7 and they will be considered in executive session on April 11. Botelho’s memorandum explains that will give the new appointee time to attend committee and assembly meetings while Anderson is still here for a smooth transition.

In Assembly business, the CBJ approved a contract change for the Auke Bay loading facility, which will limit on-site inspections.

The Assembly approved an updated PND Engineers contract which outlines the duties of its engineers.

Port Director John Stone said that PND Engineers will be inspecting limited, specific aspects of the project and he will utilize city engineers for the remainder.

“It’s basically a cost savings measure in lieu of having an engineer out there all the time,” Stone said.

The Assembly unanimously approved the contract, which includes 66 hours worth of engineering time for a total of $9,500 estimated costs. The total estimated cost of all services by PND and it’s third-party contractors is $173,000.

In other business, the Assembly unanimously approved:

• an ordinance amending the traffic code to allow operation of low-speed vehicles on roads posted 45 miles per hour or lower. The U.S. Forest Service requested the change to allow use of one of their vehicles out by the glacier park.

• an ordinance issuing the sale of a general obligation school bond for Gastineau Elementary for $5.7 million. The total bonding for the project was voter-approved for $11.8 million, half of which was already issued. The term will be for 10 years and the bonds qualify for the 70 percent reimbursement under the state’s School Construction Bond Debt Reimbursement Program. If the state reimburses the full allotment, $2.1 million will be funded from city property taxes.

• giving $480,000 in partial funding for the North Douglas and West Mendenhall Valley sewer expansion projects. Funding will come from the state Department of Environmental Conservation in the form of low-interest loans for 10 years at 1.5 percent interest. Property owners in the Local Improvement Districts being assessed will be able to obtain the loans.

• appropriating $2 million to Bartlett Regional Hospital to replace the oldest portion of the roof, which is 43 years old and leaking. Funding comes out of the hospital’s fund balance.

The Assembly will meet again at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday with the Juneau School District Board of Education in the Assembly Chambers to discuss the school budget.

It also will meet at noon on Thursday in the Assembly Chambers to discuss redistricting issues.

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