Word of mouth

Posted: Thursday, March 23, 2000

I love this Mackie Plan. When we get this done, maybe we can Mackie-ize the Social Security system.

Many thanks to the person who mailed my driver's license with its leather holder back to me from Sitka.

I am sure all general Lions Club members are not from Juneau yet your club is named the Juneau Lions Club. Why is that? Why is the Juneau Lions Club making such a big stink where players come from for the Gold Medal tournament?

Please don't make women who want the choice suffer. Yes, give the information but please keep the choice.

Regarding AEL&P ``demand rate'' - ``extortion'' would be a better term than ``demand rate.'' It's outrageously high. Maybe power cost equalization for people on demand rate would be better.

Someone took my cat from Glacier View Trailer Park. I've been on the radio and to the humane society several times this week. I think that maybe someone has my cat in their house and I would just love for them to please give my cat back.

Cell phones are becoming epidemic in our society. It's incredibly rude when people use them during movies, play, concerts and other public performances. At least, go outside and have the conversation.

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