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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2005

... for flag donations

This will be the twenty-eighth consecutive year that the 50 state flags will fly along Egan Drive from Marine Park to Tenth Street.

Those who are new to the capital city may ask "Who does this?" Friends of the Flags, a non-profit group of volunteers and supporters is responsible for installing the flags in the spring and taking them down in the fall. Why do they do it? Community Pride.

Some people assume the City & Borough of Juneau funds this project. It doesn't, and never has. The CBJ did think the project worth enough for FOTF to be an Advisory Committee, placing us under the wing of the CBJ. Citizens and various businesses provide the funding.

While we purchase the best quality flags available, years of experience have taught us that we need to buy new ones each year. The severe wind and rain along the waterfront take a toll. Even some of the flagstaffs get bent or damaged, needing to be repaired or replaced. We conduct an annual fund drive to keep the flag project viable.

Want to show your community pride? Become a member of Friends Of the Flags. Donations may be sent to Friends of the Flags, P.O. Box 32201, Juneau, 99803.

Rudy J. Ripley, chairman

... to Coach Richey

The death of Coach Richey will be greatly noticed in Juneau. My oldest son had him as a teacher in grade school and could never say enough nice things about him from the time he started in his class until this day. I praise God for putting Coach Richey in my son's life. He made a great impact on him and was his favorite teacher in all his years of school. Coach Richey always had an open mind, heart and listening ear for his students. I am so sad that he is gone, but I know he has earned his place in heaven next to God because of all the good deeds he did here on Earth in showing how much he loved the Lord.

Ingrid Varness

... for helping make Culture Club skating a success

As the skating season draws to a close at the Treadwell Ice Arena in Douglas, the board of the Culture Club Hockey Team would like to thank the dozens of folks in our community who helped make the 2004-05 season a success. Without a dedicated team of volunteers and business and corporate sponsors, the task of organizing and outfitting a group of 30 teenagers to learn a new sport would have been overwhelming.

The Culture Club Hockey Team is comprised of students from Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, both boys and girls, with skating abilities at every level. It is our hope that these students will not only gain knowledge of a new skill and sport, but will learn to enjoy the camaraderie of working as a team. Hockey helps to provide a positive, confidence building experience for these youth as they prepare for high school and beyond.

Our third season would not have been possible without the generous financial support from Don Habeger and friends at Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises. We would also like to thank supporters including the Central Council of Tlingit Haida Tribes of Alaska, Taku Smokeries, Annie Calkins, Dave Hunsaker, Ed and Cathy Thomas, Kraft Design, Claire Vanderbuilt, William Spear Design, Damon Jorgengsen, The Island Pub, Dr. David Miller, Mike Chambers, Joe Geldhof, Marc Wheeler, Wallace Williams and Terri Gregson. Play It Again Sports is a very welcome addition to Juneau and a generous supporter of our hockey team. We would be remiss, too, to overlook the previous years' contributions from the Skaters' Edge, as well as the broad community business support elicited by Denny Mayer of Northern Lights Development.

The staff at DZ has been great to work with, including Barb Mecum, Kim Woodring, Alberta Nelson and Greg Brown. A big thanks also to Francine Eddy Jones and to Jason Wilson and Jennifer Maier for showing up every week for the transportation detail. Rink director Greg Smith has been very, very helpful and supportive; both he and his fantastic staff make life so much easier for all skaters. Our gratitude also goes to Kim Kiefer and the folks at CBJ Parks and Rec.

Cheers to Carrie McMullen and the Woman's Hockey Jamboree sponsors and to Bill Spear, Susan Kirkness and the organizers and sponsors of the now world famous Chicks 'n' Geezers Game - definitely role models for young skaters! Many, many thanks for the continued energy and support from Tom McKenna, Dave McKenna, Colleen McKenna, Art Hughes, Peter Ord, Dave Perry, Liam Carnahan, Suzanne Hebert and the other coaches who show up each week to pass their skills on to these students. And we welcome the newest Culture Club Hockey Team board members: Nancy Douglas, Rick Kasnick and Senator Ben Stevens. We all look forward to another great season next year!

Thanks, finally, to Annie Calkins for her tireless organizational work on behalf of the Culture Club Hockey kids.

Kate Tesar,

Board of Directors,

Culture Club Hockey Team

.. for help on the flight

On March 4, I was on Flight 69 from Seattle to Juneau. I was getting overheated and went back to the lavatory to try to cool down. While waiting my turn, I passed out and fell to the galley floor. After the crew called for any emergency personnel, the fun began. A nurse from Ketchikan and an EMT from Sitka were on the flight; thank you both for all you did.

When it was time to get me back to my seat, everybody noticed that my ankle was the big problem. After splinting my ankle with the Wall Street Journal, we landed in Ketchikan. The EMTs from Ketchikan checked me out and the flight crew let me continue on to Juneau. Thanks to the EMTs in Ketchikan; you made me feel well cared for. Upon landing in Juneau, the local EMTs took over. They checked me out again, and all was still OK. Then I was taken to Bartlett, where it was determined that my left tibia was broken. A big thank you to the local EMTs, the flight crew, and the passengers. As my husband keeps telling me, it could have been a lot worse. I could have hit my head, or broken more than my ankle.

Ruth Carter


... for help with my dog

Last week, I noticed my dog didn't seem to be feeling well, so I took her to a vet. After x-rays and an exam, it seemed to be some sort of blockage. Because of the expense of having to open her up to remove the blockage, I was given a couple of options on how to go about it. I took the night to weigh the options and see if maybe it would move on its own.

To make a long story short, the next day she was worse, so I went back to the same vet who said if I had a thousand dollars up front they would do it. Knowing I didn't have the money to shell out all at one time and they weren't going to work with me for payments, I asked what I should do. They told me they would be happy to put the dog down for me. We all know how we feel about our pets. My dog isn't that old and putting her down was not an option. Needless to say I tried Juneau Animal Hospital, hoping someone in this town had a little compassion for the work they do. Not only did they drive to get the files from the other vet, but they had everything ready to do the surgery. They had already made arrangements for me to make payments. For their effort, compassion and willingness to save my pet's life from pancreatitis, may God shine down on you and your staff for as long as you live. God bless you.

David Scharen


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