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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Juneau-Douglas High School girls basketball players Mary Rehfeld, Kate Potter and Talisa Rhea were named to the Southeast-Class 4A girls all-conference team last weekend after the Crimson Bears won their fourth straight region title.

Rehfeld and Potter, both seniors, and Rhea, a sophomore, helped Juneau beat Ketchikan in Friday's region final to earn a trip to next week's state tournament.

Juneau boys basketball players Larry Cooper and Norman Zura were named to the Southeast-Class 4A boys all-conference team. The complete all-conference basketball teams, along with all of the other Southeast Conference-Class 3A/4A Tournament awards, are included below.

The Ketchikan boys won the Class 4A boys basketball region title, while Mount Edgecumbe and Petersburg finished 1-2 in Class 3A boys and girls hoops. In the traditional 3A/4A crossover championship games, the Ketchikan boys and Juneau girls beat their Mount Edgecumbe opponents. Metlakatla won the team sportsmanship award.

Petersburg and Juneau won top honors in cheer/stunt team competition, while the Juneau dance team received an excellent rating to lead Southeast schools.

In the free-throw contest on Saturday, Metlakatla's Aaron Brendible posted a perfect performance to claim the boys crown. Each player was given 25 shots from the line, and Brendible made all 25 tries. He then added one more before missing.

Petersburg's Lynsey Richards won the girls competition in a tiebreaker. Richards, Jill May of Craig, Tory Edwardson of Ketchikan and Talisa Rhea of Juneau each finished 22-of-25 after the first round. Then each contestant was allowed to shoot until they missed. May, Edwardson and Rhea each missed on the second or third try, but Richards - competing last - sank 12 in a row to win top honors.



Class 4A boys

Champion - Ketchikan

Runner-up - Juneau-Douglas

Class 4A girls

Champion - Juneau-Douglas

Runner-up - Ketchikan

Class 3A boys

Champion - Mount Edgecumbe

Runner-up - Petersburg

Class 3A girls

Champion - Mount Edgecumbe

Runner-up - Petersburg

Team sportsmanship award

Metlakatla Chiefs and MissChiefs

Free-throw contest winners

Boys - Aaron Brendible, Metlakatla

Girls - Lynsey Richards, Petersburg


Class 3A

Champion - Petersburg

Runner-up - Wrangell

Class 4A

Champion - Juneau-Douglas



Haines - Good

Juneau-Douglas - Excellent

Ketchikan - Good

Sitka - Good



Class 4A

Boys - Jesse LeBeau, Ketchikan; Tyler Richardson, Ketchikan; Derek Clark, Ketchikan; Larry Cooper, Juneau-Douglas; Norman Zura, Juneau-Douglas; Andrew Broschat, Sitka.

Girls - Mary Rehfeld, Juneau-Douglas; Talisa Rhea, Juneau-Douglas; Kate Potter, Juneau-Douglas; Tory Edwardson, Ketchikan; Kate Geldaker, Juneau-Douglas; Natalia Potrzuski, Sitka.

Class 3A

Boys - Josh Thomas, Mount Edgecumbe; Brandon Thomas, Mount Edgecumbe; Tommy Stasenko, Mount Edgecumbe; Earl Alstrom, Mount Edgecumbe; Sam Jensen, Petersburg; Stuart Meeks, Petersburg; Dwight Yancey, Wrangell; Gordon McCloskey, Wrangell; Eric Hamilton, Craig; Nick Jones, Craig; David Berry, Haines; Brian Combs, Haines.

Girls - Kim Rychnovsky, Mount Edgecumbe; Jennifer Evan, Mount Edgecumbe; Carlotta Evan, Mount Edgecumbe; Ellie Jackson, Mount Edgecumbe; Skeeter Atoruk, Mount Edgecumbe; Gillian Severson, Petersburg; Callie Bell, Petersburg; Tessa Appleman, Wrangell; Laurie Brown, Wrangell; Jill May, Craig; Ivanca Jones, Haines; Drew Fossman, Haines.


Andy Marsh, Petersburg; Ginny Ware, Petersburg; Aaron Marsh, Petersburg; Rachelle Albay, Juneau-Douglas; Eric Mason, Juneau-Douglas; Kaitlin Podsiki, Haines; Tyla Comstock, Wrangell; Jessica Davidson, Wrangell.


Kayla Ely, Juneau-Douglas; Tenaya Sanders Rouget, Juneau-Douglas; Nicole Bavard, Juneau-Douglas; Katherine Leque, Juneau-Douglas; Dawn Reno, Ketchikan; Contessa Pahang, Ketchikan.


2005 All-Star Pep Band

Haines - Rigel Falvey, Ari Hartman, Lindsey Sloper.

Juneau-Douglas - Anja Akstin, Chris Davin, Greg Frank, Rose Hoskins, Walker Janelle, Cassie Lutz, Alexei Painter, Heather Sanders-Holbrook, Nick Wagner, Melissa White.

Ketchikan - Nico Berthoud, Katherine Brooks, Lane Davis, Clay Hansen, Jennifer Holcomb, Ashley Reed.

Mount Edgecumbe - Alexis Alamillo.

Petersburg - Sarah Fernau, Angela Henderson, Susie Henderson, Jill McIntosh, Blake Morrison, Alenna Nilsen, Gillian Severson, Cassie Steenblock, Tracy Welch.

Sitka - Greg Hunter, Hannah Hutton, Sam Kempton-Hein, Nick Mitchell.

Wrangell - Clover Ercolin, Kelsey McGee, Jess Rugo, Zach Taylor.



Craig - Nick Jones, Phillip Pierce, Keala Durgan, Beccy Moots.

Haines - Nathan Narum, Daniel Stickler, Kim Ferrin, Kelly Hansen.

Juneau-Douglas - Norman Zura, Kyle Huntsman, Ashley Larson, Mary Rehfeld.

Ketchikan - Jesse LeBeau, Derek Clark, Kate Geldaker, Crystal Reno.

Metlakatla - Garen Blandov, Aaron Brendible, Amber Dundas, Mystique Darling.

Mount Edgecumbe - Earl Alstrom, Erik Stickler, Jolene Jackinsky, Sara Morris.

Petersburg - Blake Buotte, Cody Peterson, Gillian Severson, Lynsey Richards.

Sitka - Manfred Bekeris, Zach Carlson, Lavenda Helu, Tawny Hoyt.

Wrangell - Chris Haggard, Alex Acuna Moreno, Sarah Helgeson, Laurie Brown.



(seniors with GPAs of 3.0 or higher)


Craig - Eric Hamilton, Phillip Pierce.

Haines - Nathan Narum, Daniel Stickler.

Juneau-Douglas - Tom Derbesy.

Ketchikan - Casey Bass, Derek Clark, Mike Jepson, Jesse LeBeau, Tyler Richardson.

Mount Edgecumbe - Carlin Hoblet, Josh Thomas, Tommy Stasenko.

Petersburg - Jeb Phillips, San Jensen, Kalen Williams, Blake Buotte, Cody Peterson.

Sitka - Manfred Bekeris.

Wrangell - Mike Howell, Jake Mork, Gordon McCloskey, Alex Acuna Moreno.


Craig - Stephanie Lowery, Jill May, Beccy Moots.

Haines - Breanna Bagley, Drew Fossman, Kim Ferrin, Alexis Goodman, Kelly Hansen, Ivanca Jones.

Juneau-Douglas - Ashley Larson, Mary Rehfeld.

Ketchikan - Tory Edwardson, Kate Geldaker, K.C. Greenup, Lindy Henrick, Raquelle Pahang.

Metlakatla - Amber Dundas, Ashley Benson, Christina Brendible, Mystique Darling.

Mount Edgecumbe - Jolene Jackinsky, Ellie Jackson.

Petersburg - Gillian Severson, Lynsey Richards, Emily Moran.

Sitka - Lavenda Helu, Tawny Hoyt, Cameo Padilla.

Wrangell - Sarah Helgeson.


Haines - Rigel Falvey, Ari Hartman, Karen Boyce, Lindsey Sloper.

Juneau-Douglas - Greg Frank, Walker Janelle, Cassie Lutz, Alexei Painter, Heather Sanders-Holbrook, Nick Wagner.

Ketchikan - Ben Edwards, Lane Davis, Clay Hansen, Marianne Hottenbacher, Theresa Sombak, Nico Berthoud, Katherine Brooks.

Petersburg - Cassie Steenblock, Susie Henderson, Blake Morrison, Tracy Welch, Jill McIntosh, Sarah Fernau, Angela Henderson.

Sitka - Hannah Hutton, Elizabeth Mattingly.

Wrangell - Zach Taylor, Kelsey McGee, Lexie Hayes.


Juneau-Douglas - Vera Lumbab.

Mount Edgecumbe - Dawn Ubben, Mary Voisine.

Petersburg - Chelsea Smith, Kellie Luczak, Aaron Marsh, Andy Marsh, Kris Edfelt.

Sitka - Lillian Owens.

Wrangell - Jessica Davidson.


Juneau-Douglas - Nicole Bavard, Michaela Hessee, Katherine Leque.

Ketchikan - Dawn Reno, Tiffany Alba.

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