Crazy editorial on wolf control

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 23, 2006

Friends of Animals is an international, nonprofit, serious-minded animal advocacy organization based in Connecticut. Friends of Animals has many hundreds of Alaska members and another 200,000 nationwide.

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The editorial about Friends of Animals and Connecticut, (a Ketchikan Daily News editorial printed in the March 20 Empire) implies that a social justice group reflects the interests of Connecticut's politicians, which is a strange argument and one that's wrongly conflated.

Wolves don't belong to Alaska or any state. The world community has something to say about issues involving ethics, public policies and draconian practices.

Friends of Animals maintains that shooting wolves from aircraft to make moose hunting easier is a national disgrace, and the majority of Alaskans agree.

Priscilla Feral

President, Friends of Animals

Darien, Conn.

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