Obama plan will bring needed change

Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A lot of people are against President Obama's health care reform plan, mostly because they think it costs too much. They've got a very good point, but that's really all they talk about - how much President Obama's plan will cost. Ask them about their plan and you find out that they don't have one.

Cut through the hemming and hawing and you find that their "plan" is for people who can't afford health insurance to remain uninsured and for those who can afford it now to become uninsured as the medical/pharmaceutical community colludes with the insurance companies to raise prices beyond the point where they're affordable.

Most people who have insurance get it through their work - and every year it gets harder and harder to convince employers to continue paying for it. Often the increase in health insurance premiums is the reason given for fighting an increase in wages - and I think that's justifiable. What isn't justifiable is the cost of health care.

Will President Obama's plan fix it? I don't know about that - but I do know it's the only plan that doesn't propose, in essence, "Let's keep things the way they are," an idea I find unacceptable.

Calvin Crumrine

Juneau, AK

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