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Posted: Friday, March 24, 2000

It's amazing. The helicopter tourist industry makes a fortune each season, yet to upgrade their equipment - they expect the city of Juneau to make low-interest loans to them. That's what banks are for or the Small Business Administration. I didn't know the city had money to loan out. Am I the only one who didn't know about these low-interest loans in Juneau?

There are two votes in this household against the Mackie plan. The legislators need to learn how to live within their budget and not keep taking away what is rightfully ours. Most of that $25,000 would just make the IRS richer.

We need to get on the wagon. They are trying to give us this $25,000 payoff. Call your representatives and tell them we don't want the payoff.

There are no abortion services in Juneau. Women who need those services fly to Seattle. Therefore, the Empire's editorial on the waiting period for abortion services is completely irrelevant.

The editorial about waiting for an abortion sounds like big brother rearing its ugly head. Why do you want to interfere in other peoples' lives? Why not issue breeding permits to try to cut out some of the unwanted pregnancies?

A few years ago, AEL&P urged Juneau to go all electric and now they are socking it to us with this ``demand rate.'' Our charges are more than the wattage we use. What a ripoff.

My cat is also missing and so are several other people's cats. None of them are at the humane society. Is something going on? Is there some sick person out there taking cats?

How come they aren't broadcasting any of the small school games on the radio?

I went to see a movie last night and went to get my pregnant wife a cup of water. The girl at the counter said I would have to pay for the cup and as I reached in my pocket to get a quarter, she said that it would cost $2.50. Now, that's what I call small-town hospitality.

Thank you to all the gracious drivers that come from West Juneau and Douglas who allow those of us who live in North Douglas to enter the traffic across the bridge. There is never a morning where cars don't stop and let the traffic flow.

"Cathy'' is a terrible comic strip and does anybody actually read ``Alley Oop?''

Opening ANWR is not the answer to high gas prices. April 7-9 is the nationwide gas-out - don't buy gas. That will show how angry we are about gas prices.

Within two weeks, I've seen five people run the stop signs at the intersection of Glacier Highway and Highland Drive. Maybe a four-way stop sign is needed there.

I think the state should put some money into Eagle Beach. The road is full of potholes and the picnic area is disgusting.

The Wednesday headline was misleading, the Pope is not in Palestine - he is in Israel.

I think Huna Totem Corp. should pull their funds out and start their own basketball team so all our shareholders who want to play can play without a problem.

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