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Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2005

Peter Warren's accusations that my letter on March 7 was inaccurate seems to follow the same methodology he's accusing me of in the first place. Looking over my letter, anyone can see my letter is based on opinion alone and there can be no inaccuracy in opinion.

But I do feel a need for a response to his obviously skewed comments.

The suggestion of a log cabin seems to put images of the frontier on the minds of most. And if I am not mistaken, we're the last frontier this continent has. I fully understand that there is a little more than European influence involved in Alaska's history and the state is quite young, but my suggestion was intended to spark conversation and interest in the project, not rhetoric. We have a great history so vast that trying to base the exterior of the building on it all would make it useless. Create an atmosphere both outside and inside that shows people where we've been and where we are going. But don't spend millions of the city/state's dollars on some design that does not now, nor ever will, fit into our state's history or Juneau's decor.

Ben Madison


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