Option for unwanted pregnancies

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Posted: Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank you, Mr. Heidersdorf, for your well-written letter to the editor of March 14. I fail to see what new kind of service Planned Parenthood is going to provide our community with, besides abortion, that is not already available for teenagers and adults through half a dozen or more care- and sex-education providers in Juneau.

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In the Consumer Report magazine in February 2005, the condoms handed out by Planned Parenthood ranked the lowest of all 25 brands tested for reliability, strength, etc. How coincidental, especially when their biggest money-maker is murdering babies.

There is an other option for unwanted pregnancies; it is called adoption. It is typical for pro-choice people, when discussing this subject, to first belittle the person (time-warped according to Dee Longenbaugh, old Catholic man according to Aaron Brakel, just to name a few) before making their point. Usually this is done by people with confused minds.

Mr. Heiderdorf and most other pro-life people are getting their world view from the Bible, which is the word of God to all of us. You might pick up a copy of this book yourself Mr. Brakel and start reading it. There is a lot of information in it about sexual conduct and many other life issues. And in case you wonder Mr. Brakel, Mr. Heidersdorf does know a few things about sex after being married for more than 40 years and having a couple of children.

Rico Tempel


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