Parnell right to roll back cruise ship tax

Posted: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gov. Sean Parnell's decision to reduce the cruise ship head tax as a way to encourage cruise lines to move their ships back to Alaska was one of the most heartening statements Alaskans have heard in years.

This new legislation is a jobs bill, not a cruise ship bill. This will save 1,800 tourism jobs for Alaskans and will help keep Alaskan-owned and operated businesses open.

We have to compete in a global market that is steadily taking away the state's cruise travel market. Bermuda just lowered its cruise ship taxes and fees, which now makes Juneau the most expensive port in North America. The governor's decision to introduce and support this legislation should be applauded by all Alaskans.

Carol C. Fraser

Alaska Alliance for Cruise Travel

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