AT&T issues a paperless challenge

Posted: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DALLAS - AT&T announced last week a new challenge for AT&T customers to go paperless. With the help of the Arbor Day Foundation, AT&T will have a tree planted in honor of each customer who signs up for paperless billing, with up to 1 million trees being planted this year.

According to PayItGreen, if a million customers switch to paperless billing, it would help to save 400,000 pounds of paper, avoid 6 million pounds of greenhouse gases, and prevent 4 million gallons of wastewater from discharging into lakes, streams, and rivers in a year. And, according to the EPA, planting 1 million trees can absorb more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide.

To opt in to paperless billing and activate the tree planting, AT&T customers can go to After enrolling, customers can choose to have a tree planted where there is the greatest need - or they can choose between regions of the United States that have various needs for reforestation.

In addition to supporting the environment, managing accounts online with paperless billing provides customers secure access to current statements, payment options, and account histories related to their AT&T bills.

"AT&T's commitment to planting trees is a shining example of how corporations can make a positive impact on our environment," said John Rosenow, chief executive and founder of the Arbor Day Foundation. "The trees planted by AT&T will help clean the air and drinking water for millions of Americans, restore habitat for wildlife and restore our nation's forests for future generations to enjoy."

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than 1 million members, supporters, and valued partners. The mission of the Arbor Day Foundation is to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

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