Stop the whining

Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I last wrote a letter to the editor shortly after the events of 9/11 when a series of letters appeared in the paper blaming those attacks on the current political party and president. I write now as I did back then, asking is it time to be writing about politics or is it time to come together as most of us did after those terrible events of Sept. 11?

My incentive for writing today is the letter from Mr. Erik Lie-Nielsen, published March 23. Mr. Lie-Nielsen has written several letters during recent months, all with the same political whine. This time he couches it in a "cute" story about a gorilla and a monkey. Isn't it time to stop the whining, stop sitting in lawn chairs in front of the court building and stop burning candles to stop the war? I uphold the First Amendment, but enough is enough. The time for this type of comment is before the event. If anyone thinks what they are doing now will bring the soldiers home early or stop the war, they live the same fairy tale that Mr. Lie-Nielsen's article alluded to. Will these people spit on the soldiers when they return as the protesters did in the 1960s?

Now is the time to put your political beliefs and prejudices on hold until this action comes to a close. Show some support for the sons and daughters of our friends and neighbors. I have no sons but I know two of the young men recently featured in a Juneau Empire article. I coached Mike Moniak and Lui Fenumia'i and both are fine athletes and deserve the support of our community. Show some pride in them, yourselves and your country. Let's come together, stop the political whining and support all our service men and women.

Geoff Harben


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