Floride is hazardous to the health

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 25, 2004

With the recent fuss regarding fluoride in Juneau's water, I did some research and found that fluoride, or gas form fluorine, is a hazardous material that is a by-product of phosphate mining, which is placed in the drinking water to save corporate costs by not having to properly dispose of this toxic poison.

It has never been passed by the FDA for public consumption, and has been proven to be toxic to humans - so toxic that two states known for their health care standards (Hawaii and Utah) have laws against adding this to their drinking water. All other states add this to our water supply, even though it has been proven in several tests that ingested fluoride does nothing for your teeth, may be linked to brain and thyroid problems, and says right on the toothpaste tube, do not swallow. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the subject.

Allan Nichols


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