Other states have no fund to raid

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 25, 2004

I see in the paper that Rep. Carl Moses introduced another scheme to get the state's foot in the door in taking the permanent fund away from the Alaskan public. If the state ever does get their hands on part of it, they won't be satisfied until they have it all. A one-time lump sum payout will not benefit the public either, because the IRS will get most of that, leaving the public holding an empty bag wondering how they were film-flamed so quick and easy.

The public should be aware of this. With the government trying to cut Social Security and Medicare, a lot of our citizens are going to need the permanent fund to fall back on for their personal health care. I might add one more point: none of the other 49 states have a permanent fund to rip off, yet they are getting by. Is Alaska such a wimp of a state that it can't get by without ripping off its citizens?

James Onstott


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