Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2007

In the House:

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• House Bill 207: Allows parents to object in writing to student survey participation.

• House Bill 208: Regulates pharmacist substitution of equivalent drugs.

• House Bill 209: Changes to makeup, operations of Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

• House Bill 210: New qualifications for Adjutant General.

• House Bill 211: Creates fee on insurance for Fire Standards Council.

• House Bill 213: Toughens penalties for crimes at domestic violence shelters.

• House Bill 216: Appropriates $12,000 for same-sex benefits poll.

• House Bill 217: New disclosures about tours, flight-seeing operations.

In the Senate:

• Senate Bill 126: Funds the Access-to-Education Trust.

• Senate Bill 127: Creates the Access-to-Education Trust.

• Senate Bill 129: Funds Alaska gas market system.

• Senate Bill 130: Changes State Assessment Review Board process.

• Senate Bill 134: Creates policy for state funding shortfall.

• Senate Bill 135: Accommodates 90-day session policy.

• Senate Bill 138: Supports electing U.S. President by popular vote.

Passed legislation

• House Concurrent Resolution 3: Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

• House Bill 18: Expands medical school opportunities for Alaskans.

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