Outsiders: Jeff Bush

Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2007

Age: 54

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Occupation: Juneau Assembly member

Favorite outdoor activity: Playing golf, although I've done a whole lot of other ones too. I also like fishing and skiing.

Favorite outdoor memory: Hiking in the Brooks Range in 1984. ... Just being so far away from civilization for 16 days with essentially no contact with outside civilization. It was pretty amazing. The other thing that set it apart was in the course of 16 days, we saw a climate that went from winter and snow and ice to summer heat and flowers.

Favorite outdoor spot: Point Retreat, on the northern tip of Admiralty Island.

Close encounter: I had a boat sink from under me in 1983 ... off South Shelter Island. I spent something like 45 minutes in the water, swimming to shore, which is the closest I'd ever like to be to not making it.

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