Accountant crunches competition

Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friday night boxing featured an angry accountant and a comedian who wasn't funny to his opponent.

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First-time fighter and accountant Paul "The Jaw" Weseman, 29, went undefeated in two bouts, and Dan "The Animal" Fink defeated Scott "The Bull" Horne in a four round main event Friday at Marlintini's Roughhouse boxing.

Weseman, who said he was fighting because "the numbers going through my head all the time drive me nuts," won his first fight against painter Argel Cervantes, 38, when Cervantes retired early in round one with a broken hand.

The Jaw then took on a middleweight opponent, undefeated driver Matthew Strickland, 26, hooking him with a left haymaker that dropped Strickland 53 seconds into round two. When asked how much money he won between the two fights, Weseman replied "I really don't want to add right now, I have to do that everyday."

Tire monkey and comedian Dan "the Animal" Fink defeated Greens Creek worker Scott "the Bull" Horne, 29, in a close main. During the first three rounds, the boxers traded blows, then, in round four, Horne stepped into Fink's short right, dropping him to a straddled staggering squat. The victory was sealed with a standing eight count to seal the victory for Fink.

Hyped-up fighters Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan, 22, and Perry "Douglas Diablo" Blair, 24, exploded from their corners, then Blair squared off and delivered an illegal head butt disqualifying him from the match. Morgan was also disqualified for his reaction to the head butt.

"That was a pretty wicked head butt, worse than Tyson. He couldn't make it more obvious than that, how cheap does a guy get," Morgan said.

Both fighters agreed to a rematch next month, and Morgan said, "Next month 'The Nightmare' returns and he's (Blair) got sweet chin music coming."

In a female heavyweight fight, newcomer Erica Judson, 19, a car detailer, defeated student Leslie Lozada, 22 in a close, action-packed fight.

The two slugged it out, and then in round three, Judson backed Lozada into a corner and landed some solid roundhouse blows to grab the win. Judson accepted Lozada's rematch request for next month's event.

Boxing newcomer and construction painter Rolando Hernandez, 23, defeated another first-time fighter, Nick Steele, 22, a UAS student. The boxers evenly traded blows, getting tied up constantly. Hernandez made more connections and had a consistent jab.

Alper Johnson, 23, an AIH employee, won a 34-second TKO in round one over 24-year-old security guard Chris Landfear. After dishing out a standing eight count, Johnson delivered a solid right blow, dropping the newcomer.

In heavyweight action, Mike Martin defeated Walter "Showstoppa" Brown in a fight that went the distance. Martin dominated the first two rounds, delivering a staggering roundhouse that knocked Brown off balance.

Showstoppa came alive in round three, charging the crowd, but it wasn't enough.

Newcomer middleweight Cody Mills, 21, sealed a win by defeating heavyweight Anthony Gonzalez, 24 in an exciting bout.

Both fighters ran out of gas in round three, but Mills' strategy of switching back and forth from southpaw proved victorious.

"We're both Hoonah homeboys and we both gave it a run for the money," Mills said after the fight. "Most of the time, I try not to fight unless I have to. I was in a bad accident when I was a kid."

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