Girls should have played

Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I don't think they should have taken the girls out of Gold Medal. I mean, a lot of young female basketball players kind of look up to the female basketball players who play in Gold Medal.

I'm really disappointed that we females don't get to play in Gold Medal.

Ever since I watched my aunts and uncles play, I've wanted to play in Gold Medal. This ruined my dream and probably some other girls'. And I could name a couple of women who are pretty disappointed.

But we should have at least had a vote or something. I feel like this is some kind of female racism, and I don't think it is right.

Everyone always says, "Life is not fair," but why, may I ask, did they take away the women's division? What did the girls do in Gold Medal?

Oh wait, did they embarrass the men because they were good or something?

Ava Tompkins, 10 years old


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