Annual Side-by-Side Fun Shoot results

Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011

On Sunday, a members and public day at the Juneau Gun Club, 13 individuals participated in a First annual Side-by-Side (double-barrel shotgun) fun shoot. It was a beautiful, sun-rich, early spring Juneau day with temperatures reaching in the mid 50s.

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Courtesy of the Juneau Gun Club
Courtesy of the Juneau Gun Club

Match rules required using a side-by-side shotgun in two different events. The first event was a standard, 16-yard, 5-post, 25-shot trap event. The second event was a 16-yard continental, 5-post, 25-shot trap event. A continental event is when the “bird” leaves the trap house in is allowed to go high, or wide, or low similar to an actual hunting event.

The fun shoot participants and their scores were:

Shooter                   Stand Trap/25    Continental               Trap/25                      Total Score/50

Doug Solberg          22 (winner)                                         18                              40/50 (overall winner)

Sandy Bicknell        19                                                         20 (winner)             39/50

Hank Masters          19                                                         18                           37/50

Tom Boutin              17                                                         18                           35/50

Lance Solberg         15                                                         18                           5/50

Mal Menzies             13                                                         14                         27/50

Scott Yarnell            13                                                         12                          25/50

Dennis Travis           13                                                         9                           22/50

Ted Schwarting        12                                                         7                           19/50

Gerald Harvey          8                                                          10                         18/50

Jerry Burnett           12                                                         3                            5/50

Sherman Johnson   10                                                         5                           15/50

Fred Bergander       11                                                          3                          14/50

It must be noted that 10 participants shot 12-gauge side-by-sides, two shot 20-gauge and one shot a 16-gauge-side by-side shotgun. The two winners, Doug Solberg and Sandy Bicknell, each shot a 1904 and a 1924 Parker Hale, classic side-by-side shotgun.

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