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Posted: Monday, March 26, 2001

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I came to Juneau a little over a year ago. I was quite surprised at the daily newspaper in the capital city. Primarily its content and the quality of the news. I have been so pleasantly surprised in the change over the last couple of months. I think if you're getting any criticism from people about the change it's probably because they have not been exposed to a quality daily newspaper. Keep up the good work; the changes are wonderful.

Vicki Allison

I would like you to print a message to all the parents of Mendenhall River Elementary School. Please stop dropping your child off at the corner of Tournure and Riverside or picking them up there. You are an obstacle for other drivers and children crossing in the crosswalk. This creates a dangerous situation for my children and yours. Thank you.

Samantha Gray

I'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks to the four people who stopped and offered aid in my automobile accident by Vanderbilt Hill on Thursday as well as the dozens of people who subsequently called it in to JPD. I'd also like to thank officer Blaine Hatch who gave me a ride to Bartlett Memorial Hospital. Thanks also to the hospital staff and in particular to night nurse Marie Halfacre for their professional, courtesy and quality care.

Ron Reed

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