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Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I wholeheartedly support President Bush and the war to eliminate the barbarian regime in Baghdad. Twelve years of appeasement and political correctness brought on this war. I don't buy the revisionist, leftist line of "had George H.W. Bush finished the job, we wouldn't be here." G.H.W. Bush sent American troops on a U.N.-mandated campaign to remove the Iraqis from Kuwait. That done, the U.S. went home. For eight years, the U.S. response to Iraqi misbehavior and terrorist outrage was appeasement and the occasional million-dollar cruise missile.

Now the torch has passed, and a new generation of Americans must face the problem so long avoided. The American Left forced President Bush to go to the U.N.; our sophisticated and enlightened, allies, the French and Germans, acted to protect their investments and stalled until the weather forced us to move. No realistic commander would send troops into a chemical and biological warfare environment in 100 degree heat. With the season waning, with no northern front out of Turkey, with every leftie in the world reveling in the stymieing of Coalition progress, which is another way to say the death of American men and women, we sit outside Baghdad with one heavy infantry division.

I know military history pretty well, and I can think of only four analogs: Hannibal at Cannae, Caesar at Alesia, Lee at Chancellorsville, and von Paulus at Stalingrad. The commander of the 3rd U.S. Army Infantry Division faces the combined might of the best of the Butcher of Baghdad's troops.

This commander is, tonight, the loneliest man in the world. There is no question his troops and arms are qualitatively superior, but they are dramatically quantitatively inferior. This brave man and his brave troops are in this position because of appeasement, political correctness, and the Bush Administration's unfortunate, but unfortunately necessary, concessions to the Left.

In three of the great battles I listed above, the qualitatively superior force prevailed. The fourth was one of the most ignominious defeats ever suffered by a modern army. Don't measure von Paulus' army by the fact they were Nazi; they were one of the finest armies the world has ever seen. The next few days will determine where in that list the Battle of Baghdad falls.

If you support our president and our troops, pray for those good men and women and their commander. If you and your political views are a part of the reason they face this situation, examine your conscience, and if you believe in anything greater than yourself, pray for yourself.

Art Chance


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