Supporting our troops like supporting LAPD

Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2003

"Support our troops." This is a phrase I have heard from both sides of the fence. Those in favor of the war throw this in as added fuel for their "patriotic" rants. Unfortunately, many people who were originally against the war are also now using this phrase in a strange about-face. They still hold that war is wrong - but now we have to "support our troops" - as if they are all some sort of helpless participants, fighting against their will.

Truthfully, however, every single American soldier in Iraq signed up for the military. They weren't forced into it. They applied by choice. Many, I am sure, did it just to get tuition for college, but they were still aware that they would have to serve, should the situation arise. Well, the situation arose (sort of). These soldiers had the misfortune to join the military during the term of a hapless dictator and now have found themselves involved in an illegal and completely reprehensible attack on a sovereign nation.

The soldiers who choose to follow such orders are not defending America. In fact, these soldiers aren't defending anyone (or anything). They are, instead, breaking the law. Supporting our troops in Iraq is akin to supporting the LAPD as they beat the crap out of Rodney King.

If the troops in Iraq want my support, they can lay down their arms and refuse to participate. They have the power (and the right) to do just that.

In closing I would like to point out to another vocal war advocate (Pat Morrissey) that the veterinarian (Mr. Blix) inspected the monkey and said he wasn't rabid, just a little nippy from lack of food. So it looks like your gorilla-monkey argument might be a little misinformed.

Patrick McGonegal


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