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Posted: Friday, March 26, 2004

I just read the Herbst article, "What's the Point." My thought was immediately agreeing - What is the point of reading the Empire when this kind of reporting is a main article? It seems that Masha and I were not in the same places.

Let's get the record straight. In three of the four venues open to the Juneau public, Kucinich spoke to overflowing crowds receiving standing ovations - sometimes several. Each venue was composed of very different classes and groups of Juneau citizens.

Why the disparaging remarks about his presence in Alaska? Kucinich was clear in every appearance that he was staying in the race to give a voice to the many progressives in our country who find that neither major party represents them. His goal is to re-energize the Democrats as the choice for the widest range of voices rather than have both parties splintered off to 3rd party candidates that brought the last divisive election.

For me, the important reason for his Alaskan presence is being one of the rare politicians I've known who keeps promises. He promised early in the campaign to visit all 50 states to express his message and feel the pulse from all corners of our country. The others (both sides) seem to change their views (and memories) like attention deficit children and simply follow the money. I'm looking for somebody a little tougher and more consistent over time.

Kucinich is one of the few blue-collar Democrats (remember them?) who consistently represents the views of the increasingly unheard working class folks. He generates energy into a political system bringing people back into trying to affect an increasingly distant and disengaged system.

I have talked, discussed and argued with Bob Woolf over the past weeks. The statements quoted were way out of context. Bob is a careful, thoughtful person and his views about the candidate and the political situation were considerably misrepresented.

"Futile? What's the Point?" Apparently somebody is listening. At Saturday's well-attended Democratic caucus, most of the Democratic national candidates were well represented by enthusiastic, thoughtful supporters. Kucinich walked away with the majority of Juneau's delegates to the state convention. You can minimize that as 'liberal Juneau,' but while you are patting yourselves on the back, it is interesting to note a majority in Fairbanks and overwhelming majorities in Kenai and Homer too. Yep, somebody is missing the point all right.

Christopher Wright


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