Picky about industry

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 26, 2004

The move to me makes sense, since Ketchikan has the ship building and maintenance facilities for the upkeep of the ships used by the AMHS.

Why wasn't there much outcry when Greens Creek scaled back and Juneau lost Jobs by the hundreds. Is it because Juneau residents are picky about the industry they keep in Juneau, like they just want administration and white-collar jobs there?

That's the impression I'm getting because the loss of the Greens Creek jobs was more of an economic loss than the ferry system ones.

Are all the people who are in disagreement of this move involved in the ferry or are they worried about more state jobs moving out of Juneau? If that was the case then where was the outcry when the state ombudsman moved its offices to Anchorage along with a few other state offices?

James Williams Jr.


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