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Thank you letter

Posted: Friday, March 26, 2004

Thank you to Sitka E.M.S. crew; the police on duty; SEARHC doctors and nurses from the ER crew; Anchorage Medical crew; and Dr. R. Carlson, for answered phone calls.

Thank you for prayers from all the church people and family in Pittsburg, Pa., and the many prayer chains. Thank you to Jodi and Terry for caring for Carl as well as medically caring for and helping my daughter Carlene. Thanks so much.

Thank you to all Juneau Costco crew for letting my daughter Becky be with me in Anchorage. Olaf, thank you for being there also. And the grandchildren, thank you for having me in your prayers; Gram loves you all. The Larsen children thank you for your phone calls, thoughts and prayers. Shorty, thanks for coming with me. Thank you to our neice Susan Kohler and son Marc for their support, and thank you also, nephew Garfield Katasse for your support while we were in Anchorage.

Thank you, Salvation Army ladies, for your everyday hot meals; Rose Davis; Vesta Dominicks; Virginia Thomas; Tina Abeyeta; Jodi Carlson; Pat Savelik; Mary McKonkey; July (my Guardian Angel); and Colene Meabon and family.

Thank you, Sister Mary for the money; it came just when we needed it. Thanks to my other Katasse family in Juneau for your calls of concern. Endless thank yous for prayers, calls, e-mails and caring: Carl Larson Sr., Carl Jr. and family, Henry Munch and family, William Shorty, Carlene, and Andy and family. I always heard my mom (Eliz Katasse) say, "God answers prayers." Now I know what she meant. Thank you and God bless you all.

Grace Katasse Larsen

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