Taxation of soda is a slippery slope

Posted: Friday, March 26, 2010

The March 21 article "Anchorage politician backs soda tax" caught my interest. While I agree something needs to be done to guide our youth in better dietary habits, I fail to see how this can be accomplished with a 2- and 4-cent tax on soft drinks. By the time the wholesalers and retailers add their cut, it will be more than double the proposed amount.

Since $1.46 tax per pack didn't have much of an effect on curbing cigarette smoking, maybe the tax should be $2 per individual serving. Then there is the point of taxing half-juice contents.

I did notice bottled water was included in this tax. How many people have ever gotten fat drinking water? This brings up the real point; tax anything you can for the good of the people or is it for the good of the people? Maybe they should just tax sugar at $1 per pound. Let's not forget the percentage of fat in meat. What's next, proportional body weight?

If Sheila Selkregg is sincere, 100 percent of the tax should go into a re-education effort and not the general fund. Why not just institute re-education camps? They worked in Russia and China - why not here? I have visited several deactivated camps in China and the truth be told they were a source of free labor, money (Chongqing, a dangerous low grade coal mine where free people refused to work) as is repressive taxation. When will we say enough to the deceit of over-taxation while being told it's in our best interest?

Douglas Sterling Prohaski


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