Celebrating Seward's Day

Posted: Monday, March 27, 2000

On the day Alaska chooses to commemorate William H. Seward for negotiating the sale of Alaska, let us not forget Alaska was sold from no confirmed owner. With a deed that did not exist to a country that had a track record for ignoring, oppressing, and/or forgetting the original inhabitants.

There have been many positive steps forward to increase recognition of the plight Alaska Natives and American Natives have been subjected to. So, on this day, I will choose to commemorate the individual Americans who fought for and won those ``inalienable rights'' mentioned in the Declaration of Independence for Alaska Natives and American Natives. These are the people worth commemorating and celebrating.

For those of you who continue to fight for the inherent rights of Alaska Natives and American Natives, I celebrate your efforts and sacrifices today.

Good job and God bless.

August Martin

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