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Posted: Monday, March 27, 2000

So the IRS will take 28 percent of my $25,000 permanent fund dividend. With the remaining $18,000, I blow $8,000 and invest the rest in the stock market. With the hypothetical figure of 25 percent yearly gains, I will have realized far more value than our previous or future dividends under the current program. I applaud Sen. Mackie's proposal.

Mackie for dog catcher. Maybe he can get rid of all those excess animals at the Gastineau Humane Society. He seems to want to give all our PFD money to the IRS.

What I really like about the $25,000 permanent fund dividend last supper is - I will no longer be faced with the dilemma of living here half the time and where I really want to be the other half.

My red Honda was a victim of a hit and run accident in Fred Meyer's parking lot around 1 p.m. yesterday. If you witnessed this dastardly deed, please be good enough to call JPD and add to my police report - I would be eternally grateful. Or if you get up this morning and happen to see that the dent fairy kissed the white front section of your car and are a feeling a bit of the guilties - please do the right thing and call JPD.

I'm all for people going out and building fires out at the beaches. But please don't bring glass bottles and if you do - please don't leave them on the ground in pieces. Our dog cut her pads really bad out at Windfall. People need to clean up after themselves and not spoil it for everybody else.

To the people who live on Wood Duck and Decoy that had their mailboxes smashed. Be sure to file a police report, this time the little culprits were actually caught. Please file a report so the city attorney will have a lot of ammunition to go after these juveniles.

If you live in the valley and are missing a cat particularly near the Forest Service boundary - the likely culprits are our resident coyote population. I've seen coyotes on the Back Loop Road for years. Coyotes are very benevolent, they love cats and small dogs. One came up on our porch this winter after our cat.

I'd like to thank Tom Garrett for his recent marital advice. My marriage has improved all ready.

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