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Patrick J. Mason

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Title and firm: Patrick Mason, partner, Camelot Office Solutions.

Services: The company's main thrust is next-day turn-around for medical transcription, which is the making of a permanent record of a doctor's oral notes. "We do transcription for Juneau Recovery Hospital primarily. We do all of the counseling and medical transcription," said Patrick Mason, whose wife, Shelah, is his partner in this new business.

Background: "Both of us are degreed professionals in computer business science, so we also offer custom brochures, announcements and form letters," Mason said. "Shelah is the company guru in medical background because she worked for years for Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, Calif. So she understands what medical professionals need."

"I have a doctorate in education and a Ph.D. in applied statistics, so I bring 15 years of programming for major institutions," he said.

Expansion Plans: The business will expand from transcription. "I was a college administrator for several business schools in California, so I understand the intricacies of general (personal computer) training such as Microsoft Office Suite. There seems to be an overwhelming need in Juneau for someone to standardize a good, simple, professional packet full of tools and tips to make people's jobs easier."

Seminars and on-site classes will become part of Camelot's offerings. "We will also be offering general office training, PC awareness, how to maintain your PC so it doesn't crash, and tips on using Excel. A lot of people lack the courage to look at the menus of what they have available. But if somebody like me goes into the office and shows them on their own machines in their own environments, they can see how simple it is to make their own labels and form letters," he said.

Family: The couple is beginning their second year in Juneau. One of Shelah's two sons and three grandchildren live here, and she wanted to be closer to them.

Philosophy: "I enjoy pleasing people and getting a product back to them that is high quality."

Contact: 3731 Portage Boulevard. The phone number is 789-7317.

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