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Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Doctors Ron and Nancy are having a rollicking good time. I'm trying to figure out why.

I've seen their picture plastered all over town the last few weeks - on the flyer for a seminar on "Binding the Wounds." They are sitting outdoors, on what looks like a dune, at some beach, I guess, and Dr. Ron has a book on his lap, and the two of them are just laughing up a storm. I wonder what book it is. I think at first that Dr. Ron has just read Dr. Nancy a hilarious passage out of the book.

What book? I can't tell from the photo, but the seminar advertises itself as part of a series on Faith for Today, so maybe it is the Bible. But, wait - the Bible is a good book - The good book - and it may be edifying, it may be uplifting, it may even provoke a chuckle now and then, even a pious guffaw. But hilarious? No, it's not the Bible. Maybe Mark Twain.

Maybe "Binding the Wounds" means to introduce us to the healing power of good literature. I'm a literary kind of guy myself and can easily see all that such a seminar might have to offer. But, you know, Drs. Ron and Nancy don't look like litterateurs. They look like models. Young, attractive 30-somethings in good shape and wearing on their faces that kind of frozen enjoyment commonly found in catalogs that tell us how much fun we'll have wearing our L.L. Crew khaki tweed turtlenecks and poplin short-sleeve slacks. But they're not selling turtlenecks and slacks.

It strikes me that perhaps the seminar is on the healing power of laughter. That I could understand. That's something all of us need a little more of. In fact, I begin to hope seriously that that's what it is. But I doubt it. I suspect that I know what they're selling.

And I don't buy it.

Jim Hale


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