Private business had good idea with pool

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Assembly needs to reconsider its decision not to allow a private business to construct and operate a swimming pool while at the same time tax us significantly to construct a publicly owned one.

I cannot speak to the desirability of six lanes versus eight or the ability to adjust pool temperatures. What concerns me is the Assembly's turning down an option for a tax-paying business to provide a service in order to commit $30,000,000 of tax revenue for an enhanced version of the same thing. This is reminiscent of the attempt to include a climbing gym in the Valley Community Center even though it would undercut The Rock Dump, a perfectly viable (and tax-paying) private business located downtown. As a North Douglas resident, I will seldom if ever, benefit from either pool proposal and think 1 percent sales tax for five years is way too steep a price for the difference in quality to the community at large. That manner of tax burden should benefit us all, as a renovation terminal of the airport, among other projects, would.

Rick Kaufman


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