Stop Planned Parenthood from building in Juneau

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2005

From what I read in the Juneau Empire, Planned Parenthood is planning to establish a clinic in Juneau. This really concerns me as abortions are done in Planned Parenthood clinics. Nobody can disagree that the purpose of an abortion is to end the unborn child's life so the child will not be born. Per the Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2003-2004 annual report, Planned Parenthood:

• Increased the numbers of surgical abortions by 6.1 percent to 244,628.

• Total income was $810 million of which $104 million was money earned from surgical abortion and $265.2 million was government funded.

Nobody denies that there are unplanned pregnancies. However, there are resources available to support a girl or woman who does not have the financial means. Many people cite a rape or incest or health of the mother as a reason for an abortion. In a rape or incest, there are two victims, the mother and unborn child. Why kill one of them? It is very rare in the Western world that a pregnancy will cause the death of the mother.

Ida Barnack


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