Jesus likely wouldn't take away benefits

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The letter to the editor titled "Jesus wouldn't condone homosexual lifestyle" raises an interesting premise. While no one can know for sure how Jesus would vote during the upcoming April 3 advisory vote, it is highly unlikely he would vote to take away health benefits from anyone.

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As far as I know, Jesus never directly spoke about homosexuality one way or the other. He did speak about treating people fairly, taking care of your neighbors and being a good person.

The Special Election Pamphlet mailed to Alaska households states that the cost of providing these benefits is estimated to be a half of a percent increase to current costs. Since this change would not add a great financial burden, it seems like a cost-effective step in the right direction. Shouldn't every American have access to reasonable health care?

Voting to take away benefits from someone just because you don't agree with how they live their life is hateful and goes against some basic Christian tenets. Judging by all the good deeds Jesus did during his time on earth, I suspect if he was alive today, he would be working to provide health benefits to more people - not taking benefits away from a small minority.

Changing the equal protection clause of the state constitution to take away health benefits from any group is just plain wrong. Vote no on April 3.

Glenn Gray


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