Kohring: Judge should have recused himself

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

ANCHORAGE - The bickering continues between government prosecutors and lawyers for former state Rep. Vic Kohring, who has been convicted but not yet sentenced on corruption charges.

Kohring is trying to get a new trial, claiming U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick had a conflict because he's married to a former state official with whom Kohring butted heads.

Prosecutors say Kohring's efforts are maneuverings of a defendant trying to avoid prison.

Kohring's lawyer filed a response Tuesday, saying this is simply a matter of law.

John Henry Browne said in the filing: "The fact is the judge never brought these issues to the public's attention or recused himself as he should have under the law."

Sedwick has said he has no recollections of conversations with his wife about Kohring.

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