Cat killer in the neighborhood

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2009

I live in Mountainside Estates, and while I was talking to a neighbor the other day she commented on how much she liked living in our neighborhood the past 20 years. And I agreed with her. But having neighbors requires a certain amount of tolerance for people who may have different ways of doing things then you do and we have great neighbors.

Dogs bark and poop on your lawn, cats catch birds and voles, couples fight and, yes, kids can get on some folks nerves. But you learn to live with things that my cause some initial aggravation.

Your average, law-abiding citizen doesn't stomp the snot out of everything that irritates him or her that day. But someone in our neighborhood did just that last Monday when they shot our cat in the head with a pellet gun. This person committed a crime of violence not just against a cat but against it's owner as well. So if you live in Mountainside Estates and have a pet, be aware that someone up there is shooting family pets.

Tom Rutecki


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